Greetings From BHS Counselors!!!


The School Counselors extend a hearty welcome to you. 

We hope that parents, students, faculty, and community members will 

be able to find information and resources useful to them regarding many

 issues related to Bedford High School students and their education. 

We are available to assist but not limited to the following services:

  • Information – collect and disseminate education and career information.
  • Pupil Records – collect, maintain, and use data related to students’ abilities, achievements, interests, and aptitudes.
  • Group Guidance – provide planned group experiences with content- oriented activities.
  • Counseling – provide personalized opportunities for students on an individual or group basis to discuss attitudes, feelings, goals, and problems in a private, supportive environment.
  • Consultation – provide school personnel with information and resources to help students.
  • Parent Conferences – provide for open communication between the school and home.
  • Resource Coordination – identify and coordinate school and community resources.
  • Placement – aid students in making effective transitions from one level of education to another and from school to employment.
  • Evaluation and Planning – provide for ongoing evaluation and modification of the guidance program.

Meet the School Counseling Department!

Click here to request to see your school counselor.

Alecia Henderson (Class of 2024)

(440) 786-3564

Bridget Graham (Class of 2023)

(440) 786-3545

Tanesha Paul (Class of 2022)

(440) 786-3548

Doug Dressman (Class of 2021)

(440) 439-4364