The Gao Group at BC Chemistry
We are a group of chemists working at the intersections of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and microbiology. The composition and modification of membrane lipids are believed to play important roles in bacterial virulence and antibiotic resistance. Our group has been interested in understanding the roles of various lipids in bacterial growth and in response to antibiotics. Toward this goal, we design and synthesize molecular probes that recognize lipids of interest with high affinity and specificity. Lipid binders as such serve as powerful tools for research and may give rise to novel antibiotics. 
Highlights of Recent Publications
A New Reversible Bioorthogonal Conjugation
Fluorogenic Diazaborine Conjugation
Designing Functional Peptides Using Prolinomycin Scaffold

Group News
  • 12/2017, Kaicheng and Chelsea's paper is ASAP at Organic Letters. Congratulations to both of them!
  • 10/2017, Sam's paper on fluorogenic diazaborine conjugation is now published in Chemical Communications. Congrats, Sam! 
  • 07/2017, Azade's paper that probes protein plasticity with halogenated amino acids is now published in Protein Science.  
  • 06/2017, Kaicheng's paper on an improved version of the iminoboronate-mediated cyclization is now published on SynLett. Good job, Kaicheng!
  • 01/2017, Azade and Wenjian's Paper on Prolinomycin-based peptide design has been accepted into ChemBioChem, Congratulations!
  • 12/2016, Our paper on the diazaborine conjugation chemistry is published in J. Am. Chem. Soc. Congrats, Anupam and Sam!
  • 09/2016, Azade Hosseini successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Hosseini!
  • 08/2016, our review article on reversible covalent chemistry is to publish in Curr. Opion. Chem. Biol.
  • 04/2016, our paper for N-terminal cysteine labeling is published in Chem. Sci. Good Job, Anupam and Sam!
  • 02/2016, Anupam won 1st Prize of the Young Investigator Competition at the Peptide Gordon Conference. Congrats, Anupam!
  • 01/2016, Chelsea and Wenjian join the group. Welcome!