BMS Student Support

Welcome to Banks Middle School!  

Beginning in 2019, I will be serving as the Assistant Principal and Student Support Specialist for Banks Middle School. I will continue to provide academic and personal support to all students at Banks Middle School. I look forward to working with students and parents to assist with personal and academic needs that may arise during the school year.  My goal is to support students in achieving their personal best academically, personally and socially through the middle school years. 

Hours: I am at Banks Middle School on Tuesdays (all day), Thursdays (all day)

Please feel free to contact me at 503-324-3111 ex. 3123 or

Thank you,

Leann Gallien

Reasons to see your School Counselor

  • You are worried about something
  • You need help in school
  • You are failing a class
  • You are having problems with a teacher
  • You're having a problem with a friend
  • You have a family problem
  • You want to make more friends
  • You want to learn about careers
  • You want to plan for high school
  • You are feeling sad, unhappy, lonely, etc.
  • You just want to talk!