Welcome to Avon Engineering Technology

The mission of the Avon High School Technology Education Department is to develop a student that will be a productive member of an ever changing technological society by focusing on critical thinking and problem solving techniques. To achieve this, students must become life-long learners and develop the appropriate work ethic needed for continued success in a variety of career fields.

  • Characteristics of an outstanding Technology Education student;

    • Demonstrates the ability to solve complex problems using a variety tools and methods

    • Understands the changing technological world with the ability to adapt to new situations

    • Recognizes the need to be a life-long learner

    • Communicates effectively through a variety of techniques

    • Demonstrate safe laboratory practices

  • Departmental Goals:

    • To increase technical career awareness

    • To develop technical literacy across all Technology Education disciplines

    • To foster critical thinking and problem solving strategies

    • Students will be able to communicate ideas effectively using a variety of methods

    • To expand the curriculum into other technological disciplines with a kinesthetic approach to learning