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Last updated: 09/25/15

Insurance Requirement:

Proof of health insurance for all health sciences students is required prior to the first day of each semester, consistent with the requirements of our clinical education partners. With the increasing risks of providing patient care, it is necessary for you to be protected. This coverage is in addition to the accident insurance provided by the College. Students will be required to submit proof of insurance once they are officially accepted into the program.   Students who qualified for an Exemption under the new Healthcare law will still be required to provide proof of insurance each semester.  No one is exempt from the requirement.   

We can not accept the following plans due to recent changes: Central Health (MAP and or CHAP) along with Seton Clinic cards (I Care and or Seton Care Plus) and all other Medical Assistance programs and or cards.  

Proof of insurance will be verified each semester.

Students are required to keep the policy current and notify the program if changes occur. Failure to do so will result in removal from the clinical site and withdrawal from the program because students will not be able to meet their learning objectives:

New Texas Board Of Nursing Background Check Procedure:

In compliance with Texas Board of Nursing (TBON) requirements, the ACC Nursing department is implementing the TBON required background check in addition to the Pre-Check requirement.

All applicants to a nursing education program must submit a Texas Board of Nursing (BON) background check prior to enrolling in a program.  This was previously completed in the last semester when applying for licensure.  

All students will be notified by the department when it is time for them to start this process.  Please do not do so until notified by the department.

All students needing to submit a Declaratory Order with the BON needs to begin the process NOW.  Not sure if you need one? Complete the Licensure Elgibility BON Module to clarify if it is necessary.

*All students receiving the BON email, please be aware it is not an Acceptance Letter so please do not mistake it for that.  It is a step in the process whether you are admitted this semester or a later semester.

Once you have completed the BON Fingerprinting you will submit your clearance card/letter or proof of fingerprinting session to the Nursing Department with your reapplication form.  You will receive a physical BLUE CARD in the mail from the BON once you are clear.   You will not be able to reapply to the program without proof of fingerprint submission or clearance.

**If you need to complete the Declaratory Order process do not delay.  All students must have clearance to begin the ADN program, no exceptions can be made.  The Declaratory process can be a lengthy process and possibly delay your program start.  This step in the process is only for students who answered YES to any items in the Licensure Eligibility BON Module "Affidavit of Eligibility".  You do not need to wait for direction from the Nursing Department to start this process.   Instructions are on the TX BON website.  Please begin as soon as possible as to not delay entering the program.



Hello Applicants:

Congratulations on applying to the ACC ADN program.

This page is only for students who have applied to the ADN program.

It will be used for general information and upcoming info and time lines.

Department Method of Communication:

Make sure your ACC Gmail account ( ) is active and working; this will be the ONLY communication method for applicants and nursing students from the department.  If you don’t check this email very often please make sure you forward it to your most used email address.  Most emails sent during this time frame are time sensitive and it is the student’s responsibility to check it often. There will not be extensions on deadlines given to students because they haven't checked their email.

ATTENTION all Re-applicants for the Summer 2015 cycle: (07/28/15)

The fall application dates have changed.  The new dates are 10/1- 11/2.

We will begin taking reapplications 10/1 due to new changes being implemented.

All re-applicants will be required to provide one of the following TX BON items with their re-application form.

1) a copy of their BON clearance  OR

2) a copy of their fingerprinting receipt, if recently completed.

Re-applications will not be accepted without one of the above items.

All new spring applicants will be sent the information no later than July 20th regarding BON fingerprinting and background check.

Fall RNSG 1105 Petitions: (09/8/15)

The 2nd 8- and 10 week section petitions have been emailed to students ACC Gmail accounts.  Please check your spam folder if you do not see the email in your inbox.  If you are currently enrolled or have successfully taken the course you did not receive an email today. 

RNSG 1105 Nursing Skills is a Nursing program course and students are only allowed to attempt the course two times.
After two unsuccessful attempts, the course can not be retaken at ACC. 
Dropping the course after the class begins, for whatever reason, is considered an unsuccessful attempt.
If you register for a section please make every effort to complete the course, as space is very limited, and many students need to complete it.

ACCEPTANCE LETTERS S16 Class: (09/16/15)

The first round of Acceptance Letters were emailed on Friday, September 11, 2015.

The next round of letters will be sent on Monday, September 21, 2015.

Ranking placement emails will be sent on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, after the next round of letters.

***If you are in skills and have not received a letter yet, please do not drop the class.

***Everyone has been petitioned for the course, if you have not registered for the class please get registered ASAP.  You can not be offered a space for spring if you are not registered.

Mobility 2016 Application Cycle (06/12/15)
We will begin taking applications in January for the Fall 2016 Mobility class.
All application requirements must be complete at the time of application. 

Please continually check this page for updates.


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