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2019 ASWTE/ASC Board

Interested in joining the Board of Servants? We would love to have you! Visit this link for more information: SIGN ME UP.

Community Lay Director: Jessica Jones

Ex Oficio: John Allen

Board Spiritual Director: CJ Lewis, Terrie Langlois

Vice Lay Director: Julie Bergen

Chrysalis Registrar: Julie Bergen

Emmaus Registrar: Fred Kolshorn

Treasurer: Richard McConnell

Secretary: Melissa Whitley

Training: Deborah Scruggs

Agape: Shirley Allen

Communication: Annah Maines

Fourth Day: Donna Freeland

Gatherings: Donna Freeland

Team Selection: Rick Gaddy

Candlelight/Closings/Send-off: Harold Daniel

Logistics: Carolyn Wallace

Kitchen Procurement: Frankie Mabry


Reunion Groups: Vesta Player

Technology/Website: Wendy Fox, Mayes Howard