Academic Journal Articles

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Papers Under Review or In Revision

  • Meerow, Sara, Pani Pajouhesh, Thaddeus Miller. Under review. “Social equity in urban resilience planning.”
  • Meerow, Sara & Fabian G. Neuner. Under review. “Positively resilient? Public perceptions of urban resilience”
  • Meerow, Sara. Revising for submission. “A Green Infrastructure Spatial Planning model for evaluating ecosystem service tradeoffs and synergies in three coastal megacities.”
  • Meerow, Sara. Revising for submission. “The politics of multifunctional green infrastructure spatial planning in New York City.”
  • Newell, Joshua, Alec Foster, Mariel Bergman, and Sara Meerow. Revising for submission. "Urban Agriculture as Equitable Green Infrastructure: Gardens, Ecosystems Services, and the Challenge of "Scaling Up" in Detroit and Beyond"

Other Publications

  • Meerow, Sara. 2018. Book Review: The Community Resilience Reader: Essential Resources for an Era of Upheaval, edited by Daniel Lerch. Journal of Planning Literature.
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