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Feeding Tips

Both dry cat food and water should be provided and renewed daily for the feral cats. The feeding location should be secluded and shaded and out-of-sight from passers-by. It is not a good idea to put down more than one day’s food and water supply. The food attracts ants and birds and the water gathers a lot of dust and debris from the wind. To get rid of the ants, the best solution is to sprinkle some diatomaceous earth (DE) around the feeding site. DE has the appearance of a white powder and is a completely natural and organic material harmless to animals and humans. However, it has the wonderful property of repelling ants. You can buy DE from nursery stores. Another way to keep the ants out is to smear a band of Vaseline around your feeding bowl or put the feeding bowl on a tray of shallow water. Both methods will prevent the ants from climbing into the bowl. Never feed feral cats with moist food or put dry food on a flat tray, which invariably attract ants.

If you are unable to feed your cats on certain days, be sure you inform other members so that they can substitute for you. None of us will stay at ASU forever, and it is important to maintain continuity of our feeding effort. There is no point in practicing TNR if we do not feed the cats after their return. Starving them to death is worse than euthanizing them, which is the excuse that some organizations use to continue euthanasia.

Low Cost Spaying and Neutering

If you are feeding stray or feral cats that are difficult to catch and you want to get them fixed, there is help from the Animal Defense League of Arizona (ADLA) Spay Neuter Hotline:

Mildcats encourages and promotes spaying/neutering of your pets. Low cost spaying and neutering are available at the following locations:

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