The Fair Haven Union Annex is an extension of Fair Haven Union High School that provides off-site educational opportunities. It has a smaller environment, a flexible curriculum and employment/community opportunities are offered for the purpose of meeting various students’ educational needs, improving graduation rates, and supporting student’s personal development. We believe that education is not solely an academic endeavor; therefore the Fair Haven Union Annex’s focus is on the development of life-long learners, self reliant individuals and responsible citizens.


The Fair Haven Union Annex is a place where students and community support enhance opportunities to continue and augment learning in a setting that recognizes individual learning styles and needs. Multiple programs are offered to meet multiple needs. This includes an alternative learning environment with smaller student to staff ratios, extended day learning opportunities, intensive academic support, adult learning, GED/High School completion programs (Act 176), community interest courses, online coursework, and credit recovery program software. The vision of this program is to provide educational opportunities and support for all learners in our school and in our community.


At the Fair Haven Union Annex, we believe that everyone can learn, that everyone wants to succeed, and that everyone deserves respect. Because we hold these core values we maintain high personal, educational and occupational expectations for all students; we are committed to making every effort to support students in meeting these expectations. Students are members of multiple communities and we are committed to partnerships with these communities to support the continued development of each student. Supporting students in setting goals and finding their path in life requires commitment. For this reason, everyone is expected to be an active and honest participant at the Fair Haven Union Annex. We expect all students and staff to be accountable for their actions. As a staff, we are committed to continual training to improve our practice and knowledge base because we believe we can always improve as teaching professionals; as a Fair Haven Union Annex student we expect that you will be committed to continual social, emotional and educational improvement.