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Federal Program Coordinators

Welcome to the Arch Ford Federal Program Coordinators' site. We hope you find this site beneficial in helping you keep information and resources organized and easy to locate. Please feel free to send me additional resources you want to share with the other schools in our region and I will be more than happy to add them under the appropriate tab. Hope this helps make your extremely stressful job a little bit easier!


Links to Important Information:


Proposed Federal Programs Monitoring Tool (Memo)

Indistar Log-in Page

ADE Federal Funding Page

AR SPED Funding and Finance

2020-2021 Meeting Schedule: (FPC 8:30; Curr Coordinators 10:00)

September 29

October 27

December 1

January 21

February 23

March 18

April 15

May 13

Please note the following about obligation of federal funds: The first 2 reminders are from

Amy Thomas, Federal Finance Coordinator ADE and the 3rd is an additional reminder from Jenny.

1. Travel is obligated at the time it is taken. This includes hotel charges, meals, mileage, car rental, parking, etc. Travel cannot be obligated ahead of time via a purchase order.

2. Recording a payable in eFinance (accruing expenditures), is not appropriate for the purpose of obligating federal funds.

3. Salary and benefits can’t be used as obligation- can count only when expended.