Welcome guardians and students to our 5th grade classroom! This webpage will have updates, important information, and links for you to use as we move through the year.

Please sign up for Remind by texting @msshelda to 81010 for direct teacher communication and classroom announcements. Please inquire via email at melissa.sheldahl@aps.edu if you'd prefer to use email instead of text.

Class outline

This page is a rough outline of the units currently being studied in class. Please feel free to inquire about specific activities or year-long outlines of subjects.

Please email me at melissa.sheldahl@aps.edu if you would like to be connected to Google Classroom to stay updated on Google Classroom assignments that your child completes during class.

ELA News:

Students are analyzing problematic texts are writing letters to the author about the texts (we are practicing pulling direct evidence from text). Students are also writing to pen pals at Eldorado High School and continuing to always work on reading and writing fluency.

Students are also currently reading folktales, where they are using their knowledge of literary elements (setting, theme, characters, conflict, resolution, etc.) and figurative language (hyperbole, simile, metaphor, alliteration, etc.), to do a book report.

Math News:

Students are continuing to work on adding and subtracting decimals, looking at angles of triangles, and will shortly begin adding and subtracting fractions.

Science News:

Students are using their knowledge of the forces of nature (gravity, energy, magnetism, friction) and inertia to discover simple machines and how our society uses them in everyday life.

Social Studies News:

Students are learning about government and democracy, and will participate in a 5th-grade-wide project where students will debate and elect 5th grade representatives. Please join us on December 17th from 9:00-9:45am in the gym to hear speeches, view campaign ads, and cast your vote for the fifth grade president and congress members!

Human Growth and Development:

Please make sure to sign and send back the Human Growth and Development letters as soon as possible. Students will be learning about puberty and the impact of puberty on their body. Please feel free to ask any questions or express any concerns, and lesson plans will be posted here by 12/10/18. (Feel free to inquire earlier if need-be!).


New Mexico uses Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Math, and uses State Standards for Social Studies and Science. New Mexico is also in a three year transition to NextGen standards, meaning both State Standards and NextGen Standards are used throughout our science curriculum. Standards can be accessed via webnew.ped.state.nm.us.