WAIS Drama Club

Drama Production 2023-2024

The 2023-2024 Production of the Wilson Area Intermediate School drama club, "Lucky Hudson and the 12th Street Gang" will take place April 12 and 13.

Our first meeting will be on January 22, 2024 from 2:45-3:30 in room 707.  You will need to attend this informational meeting to review the drama club contract and rehearsal schedule, and to meet the director.  Audition procedures will be reviewed at this meeting. You will need to have a signed contract to attend auditions.

Whether you are interested in cast or crew, we can't wait to meet you (or see you again) and get started. Time for another openin', another show!

Here is the link for the Charleston Dance we are learning for the production.  Be sure to practice!

Show Synopsis (Courtesy Pioneer Drama): 

Young writer Steve Jenkins is home sick, so he’s working on a new story for a big-league writing contest.  In his feverish condition, Lucky Hudson, Steve’s crime-busting hero, appears and takes Steve into the comic underworld of zany gangsters, night clubs, and back alleys.  Full of oddball criminals such as Big Al, Little Al, and Medium Al, Ma Cribbs, Mad Dog Myrtle, Two Gun Tommy, Petty-Larceny Jane and more, Steve experiences thrilling hold-ups, a prison riot, and even his own sentencing to death row!  The bad guys are planning the biggest caper in the history of gangland, and it’s up to Steve and Lucky to blow the whistle!  This is a fun escape into the noir style with loads of laughs and gags. 

Cast List 

Steve Jenkins (young crime writer)  Rory L.

Mrs. Jenkins (his mother) Lainey M.

Miss Winters (English teacher) Farrah O.

Mike (Steve's friend) Kaleb H.

Jenny (another friend) Elora H.

Cordelia (editor at Crime Magazine) Hayleigh G.

Lucky Hudson (foe of the gangster underworld) Josiah A.

Waiter One (works at Paradise Club) Isabella X.

Waiter Two (also works at Paradise Club) Aiden F.

Big Al (heads the 12th Street Gang), Medium Al (his henchman), Little Al (another henchman): Eileen X., Allie O., Emme B.  

Laverne LaVerne (owns the Paradise Club) Juliana S.

Video Vicky (television reporter) Evie D.

Two-Gun Tommy (Ma Cribbs' son) Tommy G.

Ma Cribbs (runs a family of crooks) Harlow A.

Petty-Larceny Jane (shoplifter; Two-Gun Tommy's wife) Tenley M.

Mad Dog Myrtle (Ma Cribb's daughter) Milayah H.

Roxie (another daughter) Aujahlay C.

Mysterious Man (brings a mysterious message) Riley A.

Hong Kong Holly (works for "The Boss") Carol G.

The Boss (Godfather gangster type) Briancie J.

Secretary (works for Heliotrope Harry) Allie S.

Heliotrope Harriet (criminal lawyer) Jadynn B.

Judge (at Steve's trial) India R.

Newsie One (sells newspapers) Grace S.

Newsie Two (another seller) Madeline B.

Warden Smith (of Fulsome Prison) Esther C.

Prison Guard (of Fulsome Prison) Mila Z.

Cyril (Prison Dog) TBD

Skeets the Squealer (of Fulsome Prison) Jessa J.

Broadway Babies/Hollihocks (Dancers at Paradise Club/Hong Kong Holly's Chop Suey Parlor) Grace S., Madeline B., Allie S.

Crew List 





Set Designers

Ushers/Front of House