Drama Club FAQ

Do I have to be an actor to join Drama Club?

You don’t need to be an actor to join Drama Club.  You can be a stage hand (who will also help with set design), a lighting tech, or a sound tech.

When are rehearsals?

Rehearsals are USUALLY on Mondays and Wednesdays until 4:00.  HOWEVER, rehearsals in the last two weeks before a production may be any school day, and may last longer.  For example, dress rehearsal is usually on a Wednesday or Thursday, and lasts until 6:00.

I need to miss a rehearsal.  Is that okay?

Rehearsal is an absolutely necessary part of drama club.  Attending rehearsals prepares you for the performance and demonstrates your dedication to the club. 

Wow.  That sounds scary!  Rehearsal is just practice.  Why so serious?

We understand the the rehearsal rules can sound pretty harsh.  However, for most of our productions, we will only rehearse 11-20 times before we head on stage for opening night.  If you miss three rehearsals, that means you might have only practiced EIGHT times.  Plus, you probably missed directions about blocking and lighting and sound cues.  Not to mention the fact that your fellow actors haven't practiced with you.  They've been working with an understudy, or someone from the crew just filling in.  If you want the applause, you have to put in the time!

Is there a late bus?

A late bus may be available. Contact the office for details. Students wishing to participate in drama must have transportation home.  Try carpooling with a friend, or walking if you live close enough (and have parent permission).

How do auditions work?

All students must audition for a role in the play.  If you miss auditions, you will be allowed to join the crew, but not the cast. Auditions will involve a cold reading of a script.  Actors will be judged on their expression, presence, and voice.  An actor who speaks clearly and loudly will receive full points for voice.  An actor who is comfortable on the stage and uses movement to enhance their reading of the lines will receive full points for presence.  An actor who uses tone and emotion appropriate for the content of the lines will receive full points for expression.  No preference will be given to students based on their grade, appearance, or past history in drama club.

When can we buy tickets?

Tickets are generally on sale 2-4 weeks before the production.  Tickets are often available at the door (although we have had sold-out shows).

How can we buy tickets?

Tickets are sold inside the lobby during homeroom.  Students may bring cash or checks to the ticket table.  Be sure to know whether you are buying tickets for the Friday performance or the Saturday performance.  All tickets are general admission.

Do we get any free tickets for our parents?

No.  The drama club is entirely self-supported.  Our costumes, props, scenery, spotlights, costume racks, scripts, royalties, and pizza parties all come from the same place - ticket sales!  However, the tickets are only $4 each.

Do we have to buy a ticket for my baby sister? She's only ____ years old.

If she is sitting in her own seat, yes.  If she will be on someone's lap, she's free.