Staff email is hosted by Microsoft and Office365

Our email is in "the cloud"?

Our official email is hosted by Exchange Online (part of Microsoft Office 365). This will provides a higher level of availability and greater storage for our staff. Using Exchange Online keeps the email service version current and up to date with today's new tools and provide new software solutions in the future. Each staff mailbox will be granted generous storage for email which has been a previously limited resource when we hosted our email on-premise.

3 ways to check my email

  • Outlook 2013 client program on your laptop or desktop.  You may be prompted to restart Outlook when your account is switched over. 
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA) or Webmail login is here:
  • Mobile phone users can setup a connection to mail, contacts, and calendar.  See instructions below.

How do I connect from my computer at home?

How do I connect my Mobile Device?


Will the username and password I use to log into computers change?

No, you can use your username or email address to login to the computer.

I can't seem to log into webmail, what do I do?

Please call the Help Desk at 952 848-4915  

Even though Microsoft offers password reset service on their website, it is not connected to our network and you still need to call or email the Help Desk to reset your password. You can also reset your Outlook password using our Portal at

What if my mobile device or phone stops receiving email?

If your personal phone stops getting email, then check your mail on Outlook Web Access and confirm that your mail is still working.  Then, you need to remove the mail profile form your device and add it back using the instructions above. 

What is Webmail?

Webmail is the method of checking your email from any Web Browser. This is fast and easy on a Chromebook or computer other than your main computer. It is faster to check Webmail than to open the Outlook program on computers that you don't use often.  The staff page on our main website will always be current.

Webmail looks different, are there options for training?
Yes Microsoft periodically changes the function and view of Outlook Webmail.
Here are some excellent training materials.  

What are my size limits for my upgraded email account?

 Inbox size limit

 25 GB (Gigabytes)

 Message size limit

 25 MB (Megabytes)

 File attachment size limit

 25 MB (Megabytes)

Can staff use Gmail in Google Apps instead of Outlook?
No.  Students use Gmail as a part of Google Apps for their official email and staff use Email through Office 365.  Staff have different archive requirements than students and staff have different functionality with Office365.  Gmail for staff will not work as expected because replies will go to Exchange Office365 instead of back to Gmail.

Further Information about the email migration to Exchange Online (part of Office 365).