Welcome back, Avon Teachers and Staff! Special welcome to our new teachers and AEA Members!

The next round of contract negotiations will begin this year.  Please begin to think about any ideas and suggestions for the negotiation team. 

$25 Gift Card Monthly Raffle!

Each year, the AEA awards two $500 scholarships at graduation. Support our students by buying raffle tickets each month to help fund our scholarships!
$5 per chance
See Diane Hill or Kristina Nilsen to purchase (AMHS)
See Susie Joyce or Cathy McGrath to purchase (Butler)
Tickets on sale through the last week of each month.  
Raffle will be drawn at the end of the month.

Save our public schools! Vote NO on Question 2!

Question 2 on the November ballot relates to the creation of more charter schools, which take away funding from our public schools.  If Question 2 passes, the state will be able to approve up to 12 new charter schools per year.  For more information:

Massachusetts Authorization of Additional Charter Schools and Charter School Expansion, Question 2 (2016)