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Group Leader

Thomas Petrosky



Alisha Reed


Respected Sorores and Fratres,

The path to cosmic wisdom is a process by which a person undergoes constant spiritual transformation. Those who journey with others, also undergo transformation as a group whose members are continually growing spiritually.

Hence, the pursuit of knowledge through the timeless rosicrucian teachings provide a vital unfolding in which appreciation of this wisdom is constantly deepening as one’s ability to experience it increases.

We acknowledge ongoing spiritual transformation as a key fundamental on the spiritual journey. Accordingly, we seek to maximize conditions that facilitate positive changes as well as to minimize conditions that inhibit growth.

We do this by constantly adapting ourselves to change, conceiving our fellowship as a channel with ever widening banks.

I would like to give Frater Alexander a heart felt appreciation for his leadership over this past year. His knowledge and perception has given me a different insight into the Rosicrucian Order.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Thomas Petrosky

Group Leader


Zack Bombich


Autumn Cook