Traditional Martinist Order

      Kings Rosy Cross Lodge



      Welcome To Our Lodge

      My beloved Fratres and Sorores,

      Greetings! I humbly greet you in the fraternal bonds of our dearest Order.  During this auspicious time, Rosicrucians around the globe join with us in ushering in a new cycle of administration and leadership.

      We are all beneficiaries of this newly charged vibrancy, inspired by the unlimited potential of the cosmic.  In the upcoming year it is my humblest prayer that we are all devoted to the unified heart, mind and objectives of the Order and all mankind.

      The unity of Kings Rosy Cross Lodge will serve to heal, seal and solidify humanity's quest for the greater light.  Let us never forget our role.

      Sr. Lurline Robinson SRC

      Mystical Education

      Atria Forum - Lurline Robinson

      1st Degree Forum - Charles Haynes/Israel Masakiera

      Artisan Forum - Israel Masakiera

      6th Degree Forum - Edward Karl

      Kabbalah Forum - Charles Haynes

      Kings Rosy Cross Lodge AMORC

      599 Rogers Ave

      Find Us At

      599 Rogers Ave
      Brooklyn, NY 11225


      Administrative Officers

      Master - Lurline Robinson

      Lodge Secretary - Carole M. Sanon

      Board Secretary - Archibald Barlow

      Board Treasurer - Kenneth Ritchie

      Chairperson - Philip Sidney Parker

      Deputy Master - Ferdinand Baptiste

      Ritualistic Officers

      Matre - Elva Hodgers

      Chaplain - Emile Devaux

      Chantress - Belinda Crichlow

      Chanter - Lorenzo Johnson

      Inner Guardian - William Porter

      Outer Guardian - Guiteau Chavannes

      Technician - Frank Jiminez


      Grace Osefat                      Venessa Desrosiers

      Colombe Advisor - Hatshepsut Shaw