Kings Rosy Cross Lodge



Welcome To Our Lodge

I'm greatly honored to assume the position as the 36th Master/Servant of Kings Rosy Cross Lodge AMORC.

The radiance of Rosicrucian light, work, and commitment to humanity, is clearly evidenced in the membership of KRCL, its ritualistic officers, administrative officers, and committee members. 

My humble appointment will permit me to work in partnership with these dedicated fratres and sorores, and, as guardian of the soul and physical body of KRCL.

As the only operational lodge in the New York region, I am committed to exponentially developing the proverbial Rosicrucian classroom here at KRCL. 

This year and hopefully for many to come, KRCL will be witness to increased member (and respectively non-member) access to Rosicrucian instructional material through forums, regularly scheduled informal member presentations, exercises,  social hour discussions,  and various interactive and multi-media teaching tools. 

My expectation is that by enhancing the services offered at KRCL and strengthening its position as a mainstay of our beloved Order, subsequent financial improvement,  membership growth, and spiritual expansion is certain to be enjoyed by its members for years to come.  

Join with me and let us be Beams of Light, Beacons of its Influence and Power, and constant Investors in our Collective Soul.


In the Bonds of Light, Life, and Love.

Fraternally yours,

Sr. Hatshepsut Shaw (Master/Servant)

Peace Profound


Mystical Education

Atria Forum - Hatshepsut Shaw

Artisan Forum - Israel Masakiera

6th Degree Forum - Edward Karl

Kabala Forum - Charles Haynes

Kings Rosy Cross Lodge AMORC

599 Rogers Ave

Find Us At

599 Rogers Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225


Administrative Officers

MasterHatshepsut Shaw

Lodge Secretary - Carole M. Sanon

Board Secretary - Archibald Barlow

Board Treasurer - Vantia Walton

Chairperson - Obed Desdunes

Deputy Master - Peter Ike

Ritualistic Officers

Matre - Elva Hodgers

Chaplain - Lorenzo Johnson

Chantress - Virginia Ali

Chanter - Chijoke Okpalanwankwo

Inner Guardian - Uchenna Mnamani

Outer Guardian - Carlos Zelaya

Technician - Carole M Sanon


Grace Osefat                      Venessa Desrosiers

Colombe Advisor - Hatshepsut Shaw