Kings Rosy Cross Lodge



Welcome To Our Lodge

"The purpose of our work in this day and age is to see to it that men do and comprehend the light and that they walk upon the path of faith.  The meaning of raising the self, then is to bring the self to a place where it is capable of discerning the light.  When the light is discerned it cannot help but reveal the shadows that exist in the lower self."

          From: The masters and the Spiritual Path - Elizabeth Clare

Mystical Education

Atria Forum - Hatshepsut Shaw

Artisan Forum - Israel Masakiera

6th Degree Forum - Edward Karl

Kabbalah Forum - Charles Haynes

Kings Rosy Cross Lodge AMORC

599 Rogers Ave

Find Us At

599 Rogers Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225


Administrative Officers

Master - Ferdinand Baptiste

Lodge Secretary - Carole M. Sanon

Board Secretary - Archibald Barlow

Board Treasurer - Vantia Walton

Chairperson - Obed Desdunes

Deputy Master - Hatshepsut Shaw

Ritualistic Officers

Matre - Elva Hodgers

Chaplain - Emile Devaux

Chantress - Virginia Ali

Chanter - Lorenzo Johnson

Inner Guardian - Carlos Zelaya

Outer Guardian - Philip Sidney Parker

Technician - Carole M Sanon


Grace Osefat                      Venessa Desrosiers

Colombe Advisor - Hatshepsut Shaw