Colorado A∆K Altruistic Project

Data shows that 27% of all 3rd grade children are already behind grade level in their reading skills. Since we firmly believe in the importance of finding ways to help children and adults enjoy a love of reading, literacy is our altruistic project. There are countless programs that support literacy. Our focus is one that originated in Colorado Springs and is growing throughout the state which has a 95% success rate. It provides free tutoring to any child who is reading below grade level and is not already eligible for additional special education services.

In 1993, the CLS had just one tutoring site that served 60 children. It now has sites in Pueblo, Fountain, Colorado Springs, Monument, Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Greeley, and Woodland Park. At each site children are provided free tutoring and are given books to encourage reading and instill a love of learning. Each site has a site coordinator and multiple volunteers who work one on one with each child. At this time, 900 children are being served state-wide. And, there are 100's of children just waiting for more volunteers to be assigned.

The Children’s Literacy Center was started by the Junior League, but is currently an independent 501C(3) organization. It is supported by foundations and business, as well as individuals and groups such as ours. However, the needs just keep on growing.