About Founder

Alex Weinberg grew up in Orange County with a fast car and a dream... A dream of making his imagination and dreams into a visual reality. Alex graduated cum laude from California State University at San Marcos. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Visual and Performing Arts, a Minor in Film Studies and a Minor in Film and Video Production. At Tesoro High School, he was enrolled in broadcast journalism under the instruction of John Hallam. This is where Alex found his love of visual effects, challenging himself and pushing new boundaries. He shot up fast in the industry, pushing the limits of his medium as the Video Director at Cal Spas then Video Production Manager at RealtyTrac. Currently, he is a Producer/Editor for the NFL Network making high end video, motion graphics, and animations for Thursday Night Football broadcast segments that really pop out. His YouTube channel thrives, with his videos having over 2,000,000 views and some content syndicated by TiVo. Alex has also authored a book, The Price Of Quality.

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