Melibee in the News

Interest in this project has been high in Alaska and the Yukon since it was funded.
Here are some links to stories in the news:

"Invasives pollination study shows mixed results for Alaska berries" Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Fairbanks, AK (August 2013)

"UAF researching bee pollinators with invasive plants" Capitol City Weekly, Juneau, Alaska (June 2013)

"Citizen science volunteers shed light on a “berry” intriguing question about invasive plants in Alaska" Hand on the Land News Blog (June 2013)

"The beauty of pollen is nothing to sneeze at" Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Fairbanks, Alaska (May 2013)

"Invasive plant project needs citizen scientists" Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Fairbanks, Alaska (May 2013)

"Invasive plant phenology and berries in Alaska" KBYR Radio, Garden Party with Jeff Lowenfels, Anchorage, Alaska (May 2013)
Interview begins at 41:10 in the 18 May 2013 episode of the talk show

"The Melibee Project and Citizen Science" My Alaska Forests, Chugach National Forest, Alaska (June 2012)

"Invasive Plant could threaten tundra berries"  KYUK Public Radio, Bethel, Alaska (April 2012)

"Invasive plants may threaten Alaska’s native berries"  SitNews, Ketchikan, Alaska (April 2012)

"UAF to study effect of invasive sweetclover" Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Fairbanks, Alaska (January 2010)

"Fairbanks school to study invasive sweetclover" Juneau Empire, Juneau, Alaska (January 2010)

"UAF awarded grant to study invasive plant impacts on berry pollination"  Alaska Public Radio (January 2010) Interview begins at 24:40 in the news program