The Value of the Right Instructional Mode

A Lesson Plan

This contents of this site and the lesson plan contained within are free for you to use as you wish. I hope you find it useful.


This Lego exercise is meant to generate conversation about the nature of asynchronous online instruction and the issues, both on the student side and the instructor side, surrounding the experience of e-learning.


  • Web access.

  • Enough identical Lego sets (should be small, easy to assemble car, boat, or other quick project) for each group.

  • Building instructions for each group (these should be prepared ahead of time and posted to a website). You are welcome to use the instructions found here. The model no. for the Mini Off-roader used here is 6742.


*Pre-Activity set-up:

1. Using an extra Lego set, create multiple sets of directions using different modalities:

  • Video instructions (YouTube or other)

  • Visual instructions (use the visual Lego instructions that come with each set)

  • Any other modality you choose to use.

2. Take the Lego sets out of their boxes and remove the Lego instructions. Place all the pieces from a set within a baggie and assign a particular module to each set by providing the web address for the module on a piece of paper.

*Activity - See Participant Instructions for the instructions to be shared with participants.

  1. Explain to the entire group that they will split up into smaller groups with the intention of building the Lego object in 10-15 minutes using various kinds of instructions. Ask them to return to the room after time is up.

  2. Create a number of small groups (for iTeach this might be 9 groups of 3) and separate the groups as much as possible.

  3. Assign each group to a set of instructions by giving them a web address to the instructions (these can be randomly assigned or chosen by the participants). Each group should prepare to record a few notes and the time it takes to complete the task.

  4. Begin!

  5. Once the activity is complete, gather everyone to discuss the problems or benefits of the instructional modality they used.


Try to help group members focus on why the method of instructional delivery is dependent on the desired outcome. See the Post Exercise Topics and Questions page.