Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence Working Group - Homepage

The Argumentation Group is a working group of the Associazione Italiana per l'Intelligenza Artificiale (AI*IA) whose general goal is to promote Italian scientific activities in the field of Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence, and foster collaborations between research groups.


Argumentation is the study of the processes and activities involving the production and exchange of arguments, where arguments are attempts to persuade someone or something by giving reasons for accepting a particular conclusion as evident. As such, argumentation provides procedures for making and explaining decisions and is able to capture diverse kinds of reasoning and dialogue activities in a formal but still intuitive way, enabling the integration of different specific techniques and the development of trustable applications. In particular, a key feature of argumentation is the capability of providing explanations for the decisions taken based on intuitive concepts, such as arguments and attacks, most humans are familiar with.

In this perspective, a variety of applications of argumentation have been proposed for several fields, ranging from modeling dialogues in social networks to law and medicine.

Given that the study of argumentation is inherently interdisciplinary, the goal of the working group is to stimulate discussions and promote scientific collaboration among researchers involved in the field of argumentation from different perspectives, including computational, linguistic, philosophical and psychological aspects.


Topics of interest cover all theoretical aspects of Argumentation and their application to significant real-world problems:

  • Explainable AI with Argumentation
  • Persuasion systems
  • Formal, semi-formal and informal models for argumentation
  • Properties and evaluation of formal models of argumentation
  • Computational properties of argumentation
  • Traditional and ranking-based semantics
  • Instantiations of abstract argumentation frameworks
  • Implementation of argumentation systems
  • Relationships amongst different argumentation frameworks
  • Philosophical theories of argumentation
  • Psychological aspects of argumentation
  • Argument mining
  • Argumentation in agent and multi-agent systems
  • Dialogue based on argumentation
  • Strategies in argumentation
  • Decision making based on argumentation
  • Argumentation-based negotiation
  • Argumentation, trust and reputation
  • Argumentation for coordination and coalition formation
  • Argumentation and logics
  • Analogical argumentation
  • Argumentation in Neuro-Symbolic AI
  • Argumentation and other Artificial Intelligence techniques
  • Argumentation and game theory
  • Argumentation and probability
  • Argumentation and fuzzy-logic
  • Argumentation and narrative
  • Argumentation and computational linguistics
  • Argumentation and human-computer interaction
  • Reasoning about action and time with argumentation
  • Tools for supporting argumentation
  • Practical applications of formal models of argumentation
  • Systems for learning through argument
  • Argument-based machine learning
  • Validation and evaluation of applications of argumentation