Head to "Classwork/Resources" for the MCAS presentation (called "MCAS 101") from class if you need a refresher on information! 

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On this site you'll find lots of helpful information, like homework assignments, extra help times for each week, and other information related to the things we talk about in class. 

This site is NOT meant as a replacement for lessons taught or activities done in class. Hand-outs and worksheets are not available on this site. Students are expected to listen carefully to directions given in class and copy down assignments into their own plan books from the in-class Homework Board. The Homework Board always has the most accurate and up-to-date assignments and due dates.

If you have questions about your assignments, email (mkelley@abschools.org) is the best way to reach me (besides speaking to me in class). 

When you write an email, don't forget to include: 

Subject Line: specific!
Greeting: polite, personalized with the name of recipient
Body Text: your name and T#
ask your question or make your request polite, and specific
Include titles or parts of assignments if applicable. 
Don't forget:
correct spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation!