Grade 5 Team

Grade Five welcomes Anne Doble to Blanchard this year creating a new dynamic team. Each teacher brings their own unique styles, strengths and passions.  Kerin Crockett is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to connect all content areas back to science.  Utilizing our beautiful campus, outdoor learning and hands on experiences make science and the world come alive.  Anne Doble loves school and making sense of the world with all learners.  With a strong love of STEM and projects, ELA will be a place for connections among the disciplines and for diving into new places with new characters between the covers of a book.  Jessica Sands' enthusiasm knows no bounds and her excitement for learning is contagious.  Math is her second language and she can turn anyone's confidence in the subject from low to soaring.  Teaching multiple strategies to solve complex problems and real world application helps her students develop the same passion she has for mathematics.  These teachers work hard to share their gifts with the students they see each day.  Their goal is not to just teach subject matter, but to teach a true love for learning!
Kerin Crockett - Room 118
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Anne Doble - Room 130

Jessica Sands - Room 128
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