Annual Membership of the Association is open to anyone over 18 and to organisations who make a regular hiring agreement, and is subject to approval by the Trustees.
  • Individuals who wish to register as members should apply to the Secretary. 
  • Regular Hirers will automatically become members when they start their first hire (unless they opt out, either on the Hiring Agreement or by contacting the Secretary).
  • The Association’s Secretary will maintain the register of the name and address of current members.
The individual membership fee is currently £0.00 but this may be changed by the Trustees.
Individual Membership expires at the end of the month containing the AGM, but may be renewed by notifying the Secretary in advance. 
Regular Hirers, and Trustees elected at the AGM, will both have their membership renewed automatically.
A member may resign their membership at any time by notifying the Secretary.
The Trustees may refuse or remove membership in accordance with the Constitution.