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This archive is an attempt to make available those magazines which contain articles useful to a CoCo programmer.   You can use the search box above to find issues that contain a particular term or phrase.

68 Micro Journal

The 68 Micro Journal features lots of great OS-9, C, BASIC09, FORTH, Pascal and general 6809 programming information, including Peter Dibble's excellent "OS-9 User's Notes".  Ten years worth of interesting articles!
Australian OS9 Newsletter

Originally the 'National OS9 Newsletter', the Australian OS9 Newsletter contains many articles on programming in C and Basic09 along with general CoCo/OS9 information.
Bellingham OS9 Users Group Newsletter

The BUG Newsletter contains OS-9 programming tips and general CoCo information.
The Color Computer Magazine

General CoCo info, with articles and interviews from some of the folks you might talk to today on the Color Computer mailing list.
Color Micro Journal

Color Micro Journal was a short lived Color Computer devoted spinoff of the 68 Micro Journal.  Contents include BASIC program listings and OS-9 information.
Hot CoCo

Hot CoCo was probably the only serious competitor to the Rainbow as a general CoCo magazine. I haven't been able to find scans of all issues, if you have any that aren't here please let me know.
The OSKer

Another short lived but interesting publication.  The OSKer has several articles about programming in C under OS-9 and information about the "post CoCo period" machines such as the MM/1 and TC9.
The Rainbow

The most popular and biggest Color Computer magazine, the Rainbow is full of great articles on all sorts of CoCo programming.  These scans are optimized for size and readability using ClearScan OCR, so you can use Google Doc's search function when reading online.  Cut and paste of source code is possible, but depending on the quality of the original scan may be error prone.