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Property values in Perth Western Australia have been low for the past few years in the wake of the WA mining boom but with recent economic improvements such as jobs data, the property market is set to improve. Now while property values are at the bottom of the market, would be a time for property investment.

One way of adding value to your property in Perth is to cast a wider net to potential buyers. That not only means targeting property buyers in Perth but overseas too. The best value property marketing with the longest and most pin point reach is web marketing. Listing your property for sale online will get you a better price than only listing in your local area. A good real estate agent in Perth, should be able to do this for you. What matters is who, you or the agent is paying for this digital marketing, how much, what the reach is and what percentage or flat fee commission the agent charges. Following are links to real estate agents in Perth WA who would be able to help you find a valuable property to buy at a good price, or an agent who'd firstly help you to value your property and then help you to sell it for the best price and lowest commission.


ONLINE MARKETING SUPPORT FOR PROPERTY MARKETERS Free listings helping the marketers of property with their marketing.

Google map of real estate agents in Perth. Find a real estate agent in a Perth suburb near your area of property interest. where you can post messages if your ISP's IP range is not banned. If it is, try another ISP such as maybe your phone's.

Business for Sale Perth. Some real estate agents are Perth business brokers. If you need help selling a business in Perth, contact a business broker.

Real Estate Marketing Real estate agents market property. We market the marketers with listing real estate agents and we help agents improve the effectiveness of their own digital marketing.

Benefits REAP membership. Lots of benefits for Perth real estate agents and property managers @ only $1 per day.

Perth VR Videos and VR photography service. Build property trust with a high-quality virtual tour that give visitors to your web page an immersive, VR, 3D experience of your property before they arrive . $4.50 per VR photo.

Google Perth VR Property Photo Album. showing examples of VR property photography in Perth

Improve Perth commercial property values with affordable property improvements by either:

Office fitout in Perth. They're a 100% tax deduction

Shopfitters / Cabinet makers based in Perth's norther suburbs but with internal property improvements all over the state of Western Australia.

Video Marketing Perth Properties. Add your Perth property video to our popular Youtube channels which have had over 2 million video views.

Promotion of Perth property photos:

  • Map marketing on and other various popular maps of ours about Perth.
  • Property reviews with photos such as my examples below:
Property photos Perth
Property photography service Perth