Hotels Near Perth Stadium


Searching for cheap hotels near Perth Stadium or 5-star luxury resort-style hotels near Perth's Optus Stadium? Look no further because whatever type or price of accommodation close to Perth Stadium, we've got lot's of online booking options for travellers and sports fans, especially guests from out of Perth. The advantage of booking a hotel within walking distance of the Perth stadium is that you you'll save, traffic and parking stress, reduce communicable disease risk and get while admiring views of this great Perth arena on the Swan River. Most hotel accommodation near Optus stadium are of good quality. The playing field of Perth Stadium is zoned specifically restricted to public area.

Cricket, concert and football fans should think about booking hotels near Optus Stadium Perth as soon as possible. 

Despite Perth Stadium being the best stadium in Australia, Perth Stadium lost the bid to host the 2020 Australian Football League grand final which would have been a one-off boom to hotels near Perth Stadium.

Football at Optus Stadium Perth


The price of hotels near Perth Stadium in 2024 depends on the hotel quality, size of even, when and distance to Perth Stadium. The price range of hotels near the stadium varies from about $150 to $400 per night on average.


Hotels near the Swan River tend to be a bit more expensive but most riverfront hotel rooms in Perth near the stadium have views of the stadium. Cheap hotels near Perth stadium tend to be a bit further away in places like Victoria Park but are still within 20 minutes walking distance to Perth Stadium.


Booking a good hotel restaurant meal with fans and friends before going to Perth stadium is a sociable and cullinary delight. There are plenty of good hotel restaurants near Perth Stadium. I'm a member of Crown Rewards and can vouch for the quality of Western Australian food and the range of cuisine choices they offer. Independent hotels in Perth like Miss Maud's, East Perth serve WA food, European cuisine style. There are also restaurants and fast food takeaway restaurants at Claisbrook Cove, East Perth.

There's plenty of fast food available inside Perth stadium and bars nextdoor to Perth Stadium for drinks before an even. Bars can be crowed after a popular Perth Stadium even so you might prefer dining at your Perth hotel near Optus Perth Stadium.

Drinking and dining at hotels near Perth stadium is just one of many things to do in Perth.


Hotel near Perth Stadium in East Perth.

Hotel in East Perth Near Optus Stadium

Luxury resort hotels near Optus Stadium Perth

Luxury resort hotels near Optus Stadium Perth

Cheap accommodation near Perth Stadium

YHA's Cheap Accommodation Near Perth's Optus Stadium

Football at Perth Stadium

Night Game of Football at Optus stadium Perth.

Perth Stadium at night.

The Matagarup bridge near Perth Stadium over the Swan River.


Public transport to/from Perth stadium is free for Dockers and Eagles members and SmartRider concession card holders most times but not peak. Sunday transport is free for all SmartRider holders. See the Perth Stadium Train Station on the map of Perth.

Above photo view from the Perth Stadium train station to Perth stadium.

Above photo view from the Perth Stadium train station to Perth stadium.

FREE TRAIN TRANSPORT from hotels near Optus Stadium Perth via the new Perth Stadium train station, the second biggest station in Perth. It is expected 80% of spectators to events at Perth Stadium will be by train. Car parks at Perth train stations is free on weekends. Park and ride is be a popular way of travelling to Perth Stadium.  Many events including football matches will include free trains to Optus Stadium. From Perth the train crosses the Swan River on the Goongoongup railway bridge, next to the Windan Bridge. 

Train travel to and from Perth stadium is included with AFL tickets. At the end of a big event at Perth stadium rows of trains are ready to transport event spectators away efficiently. Photo above is shows the view from Perth Stadium railway station to Optus Stadium. A good transport recommendation is park your car at a Perth train station which has free car parking and catch the train to Optus Stadium.

BUS TRANSPORT to Perth Stadium will carry spectators from/to Perth's suburbs not covered by the Transperth train network. If you don't have a hotel near East Perth, then catch a bus in Perth's CBD, at St Georges marked "WACA". Buses in the Perth CBD are free. You can park your car at major Perth shopping centres and catch event express buses directly to Optus Perth Stadium.

CYCLE/WALK - From, Victoria Park, Belmont and Burswood.  In 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic it's good to cycle or walk to Optus Stadium. Park in East Perth or Burswood/Victoria Park, then walk or cycle to the nearby Perth stadium. The cycle path along the scienic Swan River if approaching from the southwest or Victoria Park is a pleasant option. This approach is south of Optus Stadium. If approaching Perth Stadium from the many cheap hotels in Perh at Belmont, walk west along the Great Eastern Highway, then turn right along Victoria Park Drive after walking under and past (500m) the rail bridge spanning Great Eastern Highway.  From East Perth the Windan Bridge from East Perth should be a pedestrian option if you're not drunk. It's a big drop.  The Matagarup bridge over the Swan River pedestrians and cyclists is the best way to get to Perth stadium from East Perth. An alternate, longer pedestrian route joining East Perth with the new Optus Stadium is under the Windan bridge over the Swan River.   Bicycle routes to Perth Stadium are the same as that for pedestrians mentioned above though I guess the Windan Bridge would be closed for cyclists on event days.

BY BOAT. A jetty at the stadium is planned for a ferry service between Perth and the Perth Stadium. Freo Docker supporter could combine a football match in Perth with a pleasant Perth whole boat charter cruise back to Fremantle down the Swan River.

BY CAR. There is very limited car parking near Perth stadium.  That's why it's better to take any of the other alternative transport options above to Perth stadium. If you're going by car to Perth stadium it's best to be dropped off near the stadium. There is limited car parking at East Perth and at Burswood near Great Eastern Highway.