AtomicDEX Wallet - AtomicDEX Mobile Crypto Wallet 

AtomicDEX Wallet is a trusted non-custodial virtual wallet, cross-chain decentralized exchange(DEX), and cryptocurrency bridge merged into an app accessible on three platforms (AtomicDEX Mobile, AtomicDEX Desktop, and AtomicDEX Web). AtomicDEX Mobile is among some of the open-source dApps (decentralized applications), contrary to the open-source blockchain protocols such as ETH (Ethereum). Also, you must know that many mobile cryptocurrency wallets today utilize closed-source source codes, meaning third-party developers or end-users cannot update their source code. 

About AtomicDEX Wallet 

AtomicDEX Wallet is a crypto asset wallet and decentralized exchange combined into a single desktop, web, and mobile app. It lets you execute online transactions and trade various coins like BTC, ETH, ERC-20, BNB, and BEP-20 tokens. AtomicDEX users do not have to download the entire blockchain.

The use of a 24-word recovery phrase is one of the notable features of AtomicDEX Wallet that the users must remember and keep safe with best safety practices, as it is necessary to recover assets in the situation of a forgotten login password 

How to Create AtomicDEX Wallet 

Steps to Import AtomicDEX Wallet 

Advantages of Using AtomicDEX Wallet 

AtomicDEX is a safe wallet and non-custodial DEX (decentralized exchange) combined into an application. With the wallet, users can trade peer-to-peer (P2P) with the lowest fees, store their coins, and control their crypto assets. 

AtomicDEX Wallet makes competitive decentralized exchange straightforward. It permits users to swap crypto coins with each other. With Atomic Swaps futures, users can trade multiple coins directly. Users do not need to send assets to a decentralized or centralized party when trading; they can fully manage their private keys. 

Below are the notable advantages of this crypto wallet:  

Final Verdict 

AtomicDEX Wallet is a multi-coin non-custodial crypto wallet and atomic swap decentralized exchange. The wallet users can store their coins safely in the wallet and execute cross-chain swaps together with managing the private keys of their funds. AtomicDEX is the foremost end-user app created on top of an agnostic atomic swap protocol. The AtomicDEX Wallet app is accessible on three GUIs: mobile, web, and desktop, so users can choose the desired platform to manage their assets.