Chrono Sword is a pixel art souls-like game with time travel.

Incredible Atmosphere

The world, all the characters, and effects are painted as gorgeous pixel art with dynamic lighting. Every character animations are so fluid in every direction. And the orchestral soundtracks let you immersive into the play.

Deep Combat

The combat is based on attack, dodge, and shield like Dark Souls, is solid and intense. Meanwhile, it is also interactive with enemies and environment like The Last of Us, so you can fight like a skillful expert without memorizing a long skill list.

Non-linear Exploration

The world is non-linear and vertical. You can travel everywhere seamlessly without loading. And besides, there are the past side and the present side of each location. Use your imagination to find secrets and challenges.

Epic Story

The story is about Aenor, a time traveler.

In the past, during a secret mission, Aenor accidentally meets the young Glendyn who will be her mentor in the future. This small event changes everything. When Aenor come back to the present, she faces a whole different world that her precious people are all gone.

Now, with the only one that she can rely on, Glendyn, Aenor starts her epic journey through the past and the present of the fallen world to claim her world and her mentor back.

Steam, Switch, Xbox and Playstation. Everyone in any platform, we wish you can play Chrono Sword where you want to.

You can enjoy about 20 hours playtime, with the past and the present of various locations, and with epic boss battles.

The estimate release is TBD.

2020.12 - Kickstarter campaign finished successfully.

2019.09 - Global Top Round Top10 official selection.

2019.09 - BIC Excellence in Art, Jury Prize & Grand Prix nominated.

2019.06 - BitSummit official selection.

2018.12 - Official kick-off.

2014.10 - The first idea derived.