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23 - 27 April 2021


This is a thoroughly researched and planned activity to primarily explore the safety and physiological effects of ketosis in people. We hope you find that this unique science project stimulates your interest. It is not a recommendation to do similar.


The Fasted Fat Fuelled Freedom Run is a project undertaken to show the human body is adequately fuelled by fat and does not require carbohydrates as a fuel source. In order to prove this, a handful of runners undertake to complete a 160 km run over the course of five days in a fasted state.

The project is set to run from 23 April 2021 to 27 April 2021 and we intend on running from Vredenburg to Cape Town. Our base is !Khwa ttu near Darling. We shuttle the runners to their respective starting points each day and return to !Khwa ttu every evening.

Our fast will commence with our last meal at 3pm, the day before we start the kick-off of the event. We will then only consume water, black tea and/or black coffee with some mineral supplementation (sodium, magnesium) for the duration of the 5-day event. In effect, then, not taking any calories on board and running in a completely fasted state, only burning fat as a fuel.