0-Net L.L.C.

Providing Information Technology Solutions to the Victoria Area

About Us:

0-Net L.L.C. was founded in 2011 and is based in Victoria, Texas with a service area that covers over 10,000 square miles. We provide computer, networking and general technology consulting to home and business environments. We specialized in working with non-profit organizations, churches, schools, and small businesses in need of specific solutions to improve productivity, connectivity and efficiency. Whether you want to build out your business network, add additional Wifi capability, broadcast your worship service to the world, cleanup / optimize your computers and other device or just get impartial advice on your technology needs we can help.

We Scale:

Our current largest customer has 17 buildings spread over a 14 acre campus and has over 600 active devices during normal business hours.

Our smallest customer has 3 devices on a small business network with a single wireless access point.

Regardless of your size we can find solutions that fit your needs and expectations for speed, reliability, efficiency.

We are Experienced:

Virtualization: Regardless if you want Citrix Xenserver, Microsoft Hyper V, or UnRaid. We have set them up, managed them and maintained them.

Google Apps and App Domain are not a problem. We have setup, managed and maintained them too.

Drobo, UnRaid or Dat Optics: We have successfully managed many different storage arrays in all sizes.

We are Flexible:

Need Wifi: We have experience with HP Aruba, Open-Mesh, Ubiquity and others. Cloud or locally controlled we can find a solution that best works for you.

Need a high quality business router: We have experience with PF-Sense, Untangle, Open-Sense, Ubiquity and many others. We can configure them to provide a safe and secure network to protect your digital assets.

We are not hardware only:

We have hands on experience with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux based computers, servers, and IOT appliances.

When it comes to virus cleanup, system optimization or effortless data migration we can help. We utilize some of the best software tools in the business along with some proprietary tools we have developed on own to get your computer systems functioning at their peek.

We are diversified:

We have experience programing and maintaining public safety and amateur radio systems. We have setup, upgraded and maintained AV systems of all sizes.