Mspy Reviews For Android & iPhone

Mspy Review – What you Need to Know Before You Buy?

There are many parental control apps in the market which provide discreet monitoring of target devices. However, very few offer safe and trusted solutions to the users. Among those few safe solutions, Mspy happens to be one of the most trusted ones. With its advanced features and affordable cost, Mspy has gained huge popularity across the globe. It is easy to install and comes with a variety of features that enable parents to keep an eye on their kids’ online usage.

There is no denying that online threats have surged in the last few years. And, young children and teenagers are the most vulnerable targets for hackers and online bullies. Therefore, it becomes imperative for parents to ensure that their kids are safe when using smartphones and other devices to surf online apps.

In order to understand how Mspy is capable of offering such privilege to parents, let us check out the in-depth Mspy Review.

Features of Mspy

Starting with the nuances of capabilities the app provides, let’s take a look at the important features of Mspy that makes it a powerful parental control app.

Location Tracking

A very friendly app that allows you to keep a track of places your kids visit the entire day. It records the GPS location of the target phone and provides details of every nook and corner your child went to when outside the house. It also provides you the location in real-time.


Another important feature that makes Mspy a very desirable parental control app. Users can set the safe perimeter on the map. Whenever the kid crosses that perimeter, users will be alerted instantly through a notification.

Keyword Alert

This feature keeps you informed in case your kids use any of the words that they aren’t supposed to. All you have to do is create a list of keywords you feel aren’t appropriate for your kids to talk about. For instance, ‘drugs’, ‘porn’ etc. Whenever you kids will use these words in chats, IMs, or emails, you will receive an email about the same.

Call Monitoring

In order to keep an eye on the contacts that frequently call your kids, Mspy offers you the call monitoring feature. Hence, you can check the call logs, phone number details with the time and duration of calls. You also get access to your kids’ contact book.

Check Messages, Emails, and IMs

Apart from calls, you can also keep an eye on the messages, chats, and emails. All the conversation is visible to you through the Mspy dashboard, accessible from your device. Hence, you can check sent, received, as well as deleted messages.

Check Online Activities

It is easy to find out the websites and URLs your kids visit on the internet when using the Mspy parental control app. It also records the web search history as well.

Websites and App Blocking

Using your dashboard, you can block specific websites or apps remotely. These apps and websites won’t be available for your kid’s access on the target device. This way you can restrict your kids from using unwanted apps and websites online.

Blocking of Incoming Calls

It is again easy when trusting the Mspy app. Just add the numbers to the block list on your dashboard. And, your kids won’t receive calls from those listed numbers.

Keylogger Feature

This is a very interesting feature provided by the Mspy app. Using keylogger, you can read all the keystrokes make by your kid. Hence, you can check the messages and chats that were never sent. Also, you can decipher the passwords of social media accounts when your kid enters the same through their phone.

Social Media Monitoring

The app also provides monitoring of Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media apps.

How to Install Mspy?

Although monitoring is done remotely, you do need to access the target phone once for installing the Mspy app. However, it does not take more than a few minutes to complete the installation.

Step 1:

First, you must choose a subscription and make payment for the same. Depending on your subscription, you can avail the features available with the chosen subscription. Visit the Mspy website to check the membership options available.

After you subscribe to their services, you will receive an email confirming your username and password for the control panel (online dashboard). The email will also offer you clear instructions for installing Mspy on your kid’s phone.

Step 2:

Install the app on the target phone. You must have the phone lock password or pattern handy. In case you opt for the non-jailbroken plan, installation is not necessary. However, you will still require the cloud credential of the target device. And, you must make sure that the 2-way authentication is off too.

Do not forget to choose a discreet mode on the target device while installing the app. This will prevent your kids from finding out about the Mspy app on their phones.

Step 3:

Login to your dashboard on your phone or computer and start monitoring your kid’s phone remotely.

Mspy Compatibility

What makes Mspy such a powerful and advanced app is its compatibility with a diverse list of devices. You can use Mspy on Android devices, iOS, Windows computers as well as MAC.

Mspy Review – Pros and Cons

In our Mspy review, we aim at exploring both sides of the coin. Offering users an insight into the various perks and limitations this parental control app offers.

Mspy Pricing - How Much Does Mspy Cost?

The basic plan starts at $18 per month with limited features. In case, you wish to choose a premium subscription, you can pick any of the three plans below:

  • 1 Month – $41.99 per month

  • 3 Months – $23.56 per month

  • 12 Months – $9.91 per month

Mspy often offers discounts on these plans. So, please refer to the website for detailed and current prices for these plans.


  • Very reliable and highly affordable app

  • Offers a non-jailbroken plan for iphone devices

  • Keylogging feature

  • Offers free trial to the users for 7 days

  • Easy to use dashboard with a very simplified design for all users, irrespective of their technical know-how


  • Does not offer call recording feature

The Conclusion

Mspy is a very intuitive app. It allows parents to keep a watch on their kid’s online activities. Most importantly, the app is discreet and runs behind the scene, without notifying the target user of its presence.

Reading the Mspy review, it is clear that the Mspy app is very powerful and comes with a plethora of benefits for the users. Also, unlike other similar apps, it does not slow down the target phone performance.