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PharmedOut is a project at Georgetown University Medical Center that advances evidence-based prescribing and educates health care professionals and students about pharmaceutical and medical device marketing practices. PharmedOut provides educational slideshows, videos, events, and information about CME courses free of industry sponsorship.

What Needs to Change at the FDA? Protecting and Advancing Public Health

Our 2023 Conference was a huge success!

Check out photos from our conference, "Making Healthy People Sick: Invented Diseases and Overtreatment."

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PharmedOut's latest project, the Pharmanipulation Podcast, is a new show dedicated to the topics of evidence-based medicine and industry influence on medical information and public health. 

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What Needs to Change at the FDA?

Free CME Activity

"Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's: First, do no harm" is an online continuing education activity that covers new Alzheimer's treatments and how to best care for dementia patients.

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How Pharma Grooms Patients and Advocacy Groups to Sell Drugs

Learn from advocates from the US and Canada about how industry uses individual patients and patient advocacy organizations to affect perceptions about drug efficacy and harms. 

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Pharma Marketing Resources

PharmedOut, with support from Kaiser Permanente, is pleased to announce our Pharma Marketing Hub, which contains factsheets and literature summaries on 15 pharmaceutical marketing topics. Click here for more information and to download helpful resources. 

Pharma-free CME

We provide access to free online CME from the CDC, TCEO, NIH, AHRQ, and more. 

Dr. Fugh-Berman and the Opioid Epidemic

The Washington Post released a documentary and companion article on the opioid epidemic and the immense corporate marketing push behind it. Dr. Fugh-Berman appears at the 2:33 minute mark commenting on how industry persuaded physicians to prescribe opioids.

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