Acts 435 Advocate Handbook


Acts 435 is an online giving charity, directly connecting those who want to give with those who are in genuine need of their help. We are a free resource for UK churches and charities who are working with those in need, and who would like to find an additional way to help lift those individuals’ burdens. These organisations appoint an “Advocate” who then posts requests for help on our website on behalf of those in need, up to a maximum of £200. Our donors then give to those requests as they feel able, until the request is met in full. We are a free resource, and 100% of every donation goes straight to its intended recipient, as all of our administration costs are covered by the Gift Aid from donations by tax payers.

Acts 435 is primarily about meeting small, specific needs (such as a bed, a debt relief order or utility bills), but through the financial support people have received they have also had their self-esteem boosted and have seen God’s love in action.

We are excited and grateful that you have agreed to serve as an Advocate for those in need in your local community. These guidelines offer advice and specific guidance on the practical details of what being an Acts 435 Advocate entails and how to manage your requests.