Covid 19 Business Update 6/22/2020

It's a tough time with Covid 19. Currently in Missouri is fully reopening but local authorities have varying guide lines . Zpartz is a "essential" business due to our ties to Agriculture so has and will remain open. Again we will be operating during these times. We will be returning to normal pick up and company visit plans sometime late July given new information. Currently our plan to improve safety and service is to implement new procures in preparing for another Covid 19 out break with easily way to schedule pick ups and free freight to not only improve how we are competitive but to make sure to reduce the spread and delivery times.

What we are currently doing to stop the spread.

Mandated washing down high traffic surfaces 2-3 a day. Workers that become sick in any capacity will be quarantined for 2 weeks. We have members working remotely that can. We have stop making personal delivers to accounts. We will be strictly only shipping to customers.

Markets We Serve

For 23 years Zpartz Inc has work side by side to create unique solutions in the mobile equipment market. We strictly work with dealers or manufacturers never end users of the product.

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We sell weather packs, deutsch and automotive wire, braided wire and much more

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