Securing Photo Collections

The 2022 hurricane season hit hard in the Gulf Coast where I live. Hurricane's aren't the only hazard that can affect your collection. Divorce, fire, flood, tornado- all are disastrous events.

How have you secured your photo collection, slides and documents so they are safe from damage or loss? I encourage you to stay motivated and secure images and documents so they can be recreated if necessary!

Portable and Reproducible

By digitizing your photo collection and important paperwork you'll have a portable, reproducible and shareable copy of your family history and documentation in case of loss.

That's why this work is personal to me. Many of my family's photos and slides were lost in a fire when I was 18 years old. Ever since it's been my mission to digitize family's and business' photos and slides for portability and security.

Photographic Legacy, A Vision

There are plenty of reasons to digitize your photos and such. Visit here for visionary ways patron's use their collections.


A color slide of three people sitting on a porch stoop with a door behind them.


A white table has film, negatives, slides, film loupe, camera and magnifying glass with


Ephemera features back of postcard mailed in 1924 with postage cancellation and handwriting to Mrs. R. Wilbur in Montrose Michigan.


An elderly woman and her chickpea diorama sit at a table for a human interest interview.


A family of five, father, three daughters and mother scanned for celebration of life memorial service.

Celebrations of Life

A collection of postcards and photographs fills the entire frame.


A table with computer, a box of 16mm film spool and photographs  prepared for scanning project.


An elderly man with glasses and a blue plaid shirt smiles for the camera.

Video Will

A line of scanned images: a woman wearing a camera head, a child in 1924 on a pony, back of a 1924 postcard and an image of a widower in the early 20th century.

Family Scan Events

A decorative box cover features three images: a 7 year old girl, an image taken near the turn of the 20th century of a female graduate and a family of children posing for a photograph

Photo Art

The interior of a private rail car depicts a sentimental journey by rail.

Sentimental Journey