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We provide an encouraging environment that challenges our employees to learn, grow, and succeed, preparing them for their next life step.


We work as a team to be the world’s most caring company by continuously improving our ourselves, our operations, and our 2ndmile service.

Core Values


Connect With Our Guests

Achieve More Than Is Expected

Respect Each Other

Establish Your Legacy


We want to care for our employees’ personal, financial, physical, and professional well-being


Sundays Off & Flexible SchedulingAnniversary CelebrationsTeam Member OutingsPaid Time Off (Directors)


Premium Pay Rates (well above minimum wage)401k Plan + Employer Match


Employee Meals at Every ShiftHealth Insurance (Director)$20/Month Towards Groceries, Gas, Gym Memberships, or Massages (Diretor & Manager)


College Scholarships (up to $2500/year for 4 years)Employee Development Programs (see Growth tab)GiantTV (leadership portal)

Referrals - $100

Step 1

Have your referral apply at

Step 2

Notify @Maria Mallare on Slack

Step 3

Referral meets requirements:Work 100 hoursAvailable to work Friday and Saturday 80% of the time No call offs, tardiness, or disciplinary actions for any reason during their first 100 hours

Step 4

Get Paid $100!