Improve your scanning and remediation process with an integrated and efficient vulnerability management approach.

Complete Managed Services Platform with Equipment, licensing and maintenance. A complete online vulnerability management platform with reports on demand. Scans scheduled and conveniently presented on online portal.

PCI compliant external scans from PCI Security Standards Council Scans support PCI DSS 3.1 requirements and have been enhanced to include advanced risk reporting capabilities, including CVSS risk scoring and “audit-ready” reports for PCI QSAs.

Zion provides a managed process that finds known vulnerabilities in networks and applications. Vulnerability scanning provides the assurance that security upgrades and patches are applied correctly and changes with information systems do not create new vulnerabilities. Testing provides documentation for compliance, identification of risk levels and recommendations for remediation.

Clients have access to online reports and tools for risk and vulnerability management.

External Vulnerability Scanning solution accesses Security of web servers and perimeter security devices. Scanning results include risk levels and recommendations for remediation.