Performing Ensembles

Beginner Band

This ensemble is made up of 4th-6th grade students from each of our district elementary schools. All students participating in Beginner Band are beginning their first year of instruction on a wind or percussion instrument. Through instruction in this course students learn how to produce a tone on their instrument, how to read notes and rhythms, and how to properly take care of and maintain their instrument. Students also are given the opportunity to meet new friends, learn the importance of regular instrumental practice, and perform several times throughout the year.

Each beginner band student receives three instructional sessions per week. Twice per week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays), beginner students from all five elementary schools come together to rehearse at Zion Central Middle School as a full band. These large group rehearsals are held before school, students are then transported by bus to their respective elementary schools after rehearsal concludes. In addition to these practices, each student also receives one small group lesson per week with other students on the same instrument. These lessons occur during the school day and are coordinated with classroom teachers on a rotating schedule.

Elementary Band

This ensemble is made up of 5th-6th grade elementary students from each of our district elementary schools. All students participating in Elementary Band have at least one year of experience on their instrument. Students participating in Elementary Band continue to advance their musical and technical knowledge of their instrument through practice and performance. Additional Performance Opportunities for Elementary Band Students include the yearly ZCMS 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony.

Like students in Beginner Band, each student receives three instructional sessions per week. Two are full band rehearsals before school in the ZCMS Band Room (Mondays and Wednesdays) and one is a small group lesson held at their school during the day.

ZCMS Concert Band

This ensemble is made up of all 7th and 8th grade band students attending Zion Central Middle School. All students are required to have previous experience on their instrument to enroll in the ZCMS Concert Band. This ensemble meets every day, during the school day, and is a graded course. Student grades are comprised of Rehearsal Participation, Performance Attendance, and a mix of written/playing assessments administered throughout the school year.

Students in this ensemble are expected to practice their instruments regularly. Private Lessons are encouraged. In addition to our District Performance Opportunities, students in this ensemble have the opportunity to participate in area honor bands such as the Northshore Concert Band Lifetime of Music Concert.

Mariachi Ensemble

Beginning in the 2017-2018 School Year, District 6 will offer a Mariachi Ensemble. This will be an extracurricular course that will meet after school several times a week. It will be co-taught by Mr. Bajek and the other ZCMS Music Teachers. Participation in this ensemble is by instructor approval and previous instrumental experience is encouraged (but not required).