Zegar Family Foundation


Established in 2007, the Zegar Family Foundation donates to worthy charities within the scope of our mission and our principal areas of Giving where our gifts can have a meaningful impact and we can see tangible results of our Philanthropy.


To give back by improving the lives of others and enhancing the communities and larger world around us.

We currently give to deserving organizations we carefully select to further our philanthropic impact in the following principal areas:

  • Science and Medicine – Advancing scientific and medical knowledge through innovative research, especially basic research often neglected by governmental and other funding.
  • Education – Supporting educational institutions, primarily in the higher educational area and providing college access and success for the less advantaged students who desire to attend them.
  • Human Services and Economic Opportunity – Helping disadvantage people help themselves through opportunities for economic growth and/or personal development.
  • Nutrition and Health – Empowering people in underserved communities to improve nutrition and health through education programs encouraging healthier food choices along with increased access to fresh foods while also increasing options for achieving better health through enhanced medical assistance and other programs bolstering health in these communities.
  • Justice and Human Rights – Assisting in seeking justice and protection of rights for people in our country to whom justice or human rights are denied, including criminal justice and immigrant rights, through, activism and advocacy for change.
  • Arts, Culture, and Heritage – Contributing to societal enrichment through the arts, historical education, preservation or our national and global heritage and other cultural programs.
  • Environment – Working to preserve and conserve our natural resources and sustain our world environment.
  • International – Supporting economic relief and development, medical assistance, and human rights for needy people and other compelling causes throughout the world.

Grants Policy

The Zegar Family Foundation works with existing partners on all of our key initiatives. Grant proposals are by invitation only. While we currently do not accept unsolicited grant proposals, we are always open to new ideas from new sources.


For inquiries, please write to info@zegarff.org.