Managing Director

Tiffany Mikell

Software Engineer

Management Consultant

Cognitive Science


CEO/CTO @AerialSpaces

Founding Equity Partner @SouthSITE

Head of Research & Design

Dr. Kortney Ziegler

Social Science


Filmmaker & Designer


Head of Product @AerialSpaces

Creative Director @Appolition


Uday Reddy

Head of Engineering

Allison Brett

Business Development

Kumuda Mulgund

Front-End Developer

Rosa Pergams

Head of UI/UX


Amanda Michelle Jones

Social Media Strategist

Ahmed Eltowi

Head of Engineering

Asia Chloe Brown

Marketing Manager

Zubeda Khan

Social Media Manager

Other Projects or Lab Support

Imani Sutton

Executive Assistant

Kerry Benjamin

Social Impact Intern

Dianne Poindexter

Technical Project Manager

Logan Henderson

Social Impact Intern

Rae McWilliams

Live Event Hero

Jerry Johnson

Live Event Hero

Kaleb Welch

Live Event Hero

Lenée Voss

Project Manager