The Appolition Foundation (TAF)


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Economic Justice: A Hybrid Approach

The Appolition Foundation (TAF), is a philanthropic network of innovation, community/civic and private sector leaders committed to leveraging technology + new media for the purpose of recovering & re-investing neighborhood capital lost to the the social and economic disadvantages caused by mass incarceration.

“Mass incarceration siphons public resources.” ~Vera Institute for Justice--
“We’ve been searching for many years now, for the the way to bring about a revolution. We need a revolution in the way we tackle social issues.
If we don’t find more effective ways of tackling them, not only are we going to find ourselves living with social division and violence, but we are going to live in a deeply unfair society.
The linking of financial performance and a social return is what we’ve been looking for. It is the key to the revolution. It is the key to the capital markets.
We’ve heard a lot about the invisible hand of the markets...let us bring the invisible heart of markets -- so we can help those who the invisible hand has left behind.” ~Sir Ronald Cohen ("Father of Social Investment")

Why We Exist?

To Assess, Recover & Re-invest neighborhood capital lost to the the social and economic disadvantages caused by mass incarceration

Who We Serve?

Neighborhood Capital Redistribution Partners (Community, Civic & Private)

  • Community
    • Direct Service
      • Community Bail Funds
    • Education & Research
      • Media Access & Training
      • Data Collection Partnerships
    • Philanthropic
  • Civic
    • Policy Makers
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Urban Planning
  • Private
    • Socially Responsible Corporations
      • Media/Entertainment
      • Retail
    • Innovation Companies
      • Appolition
    • Impact Investors

How We Operate?


  • Granting Program
    • Organizations (501c3 - Community Bail Funds)
  • Media Lab (Media Tech & Training for Community Organizations)
  • Tech Lab (Community Immersed Tech Design + Development)
  • Research & Events (Data Collection/Eco-System Collaboration)
  • SouthSITE (Programming HQ/Physical Location #1/Social Impact Bond Pilot)