A Neighborhood Economic Innovation Hub

Who We Are?

SouthSITE is a Network of Local Equity Partners pooling Neighborhood Capital for a Common Goal: Decrease Neighborhood Violence on Chicago's Southside

Important Definitions:

  • S.I.T.E. = Social Impact Together Eco-systems
  • Local Equity Partners (LEPs) = Leaders Leveraging Private Markets for Local Social Change
  • Neighborhood Capital = Financial, Intellectual & Social Resources Invested via Locally
  • Neighborhood Violence = Inter-community, Domestic, Economic, Health

Founding Equity Partners:

→ TheWoodlawn1200

Resources for Avalon Park; Programming/Real Estate Hub Partner

→ ZaMLabs, Inc

Tech Incubator & Media Lab focused on Economic Justice for Marginalized Communities.

→ Project Forward

Real Estate & Business Launch Resources for Small Businesses

Other SouthSITE Stakeholders

  • Advisory Board
  • Incubees
  • LPs/Funders
  • Friends/Supporters
  • Eco-system Equity Partners

TheWoodlawn1200, located at 1200 E. 79th Street, 60619, is SouthSITE’s Localized Physical Resource Hub & Non-profit/501c3 project umbrella.

What We Do?

Incubator Collective (Intellectual & Social Capital)

    • Virtual & On-site Business Incubation
      • Food
      • Tech
      • Media
      • Retail
      • Real Estate

Incubees get access to Physical Resources (office space, media lab, commercial kitchen, pop-up consulting, etc) + Business Education/Support in exchange for equity in their ventures and/or value exchange

      • Online Education Library
      • Free & Paid Digital Content
    • Special Events (Networking & EDU)

Southside Social Impact Bond Fund (Financial Capital)

    • $20Million SIB For Decreasing Violence on The Southside of Chicago

SouthSITE is 10 year capital investment experiment (2020 - 2030) focused on the Southside of Chicago specifically.

If successful, the model can be rolled out in other places: WestSITE, DetroitSITE, FlintSITE, etc.