Media & Tech Enabled Solutions for Problems Affecting Marginalized Communities


Current Status: Active; Version 4.1

Live Online Event Management SaaS (& Custom Broadcast Space Design) for Program & Product Managers

Prototype Launch Date: October 2015


Virtual events (webinars/ webcasts) that are ONLY “lecture on video” are a waste of time and missed opportunity. Viewers only retain 5% of all information delivered via lecture.

Virtual events that include discussions with others and non-passive participation/engagement increase retained information by 45 - 75%*


Delivering an engaging virtual experience that properly represents a HIGH-QUALITY brand and moves participants to take ACTION requires deep tech expertise, personalized data and additional support resources.

In addition to our SaaS - Event Management Platform, AerialSpaces connects our on-demand support team with the technology and content needed to deliver customized virtual events quickly and at scale for organizations and institutions globally.

Executive Summary

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Use Cases:

  • Virtual Conferences
  • Remote Training
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Entrepreneur Pitches


Current Status: Active; Version 2.2

Spare Change Round-App for Bail Relief; Community Bail Fund Philanthropy

MVP Launch Date: November 2017


Over 10 million Americans lose their freedom every year, not because they have been convicted of a crime, but because they cannot afford to pay bail.

Traditionally online crowdfunding is time consuming and resource drain for organizations that depend on donations to help pay bail for others.


Appolition leverages global spending power to crowd-fund bail relief from the spare change of users.

1. Connect Payment

2. Spend Like Normal

3. Make a Difference

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TheMediaLab: CHI

Current Status: Piloting

1000 sq ft Public New Media Studio on Chicago's Southside for Underrepresented Entrepreneurs

Powered by AerialSpaces

Launch Date: September 2018


Current Status: Active

Hybrid Events Produced for Mission Driven Organizations & Programs

Powered by AerialSpaces

Launch Date: June 2015


Current Status: On-Hold

Hackathon & Speaker Series; Traveling Innovation Hub


Trans*H4CK launched as a response to the growing social and economic barriers that plague the trans community:

  • Unemployed at twice the national rate
  • Have incomes of less than $10,000 a year.
  • Experience immeasurable homelessness.
  • Suffer overwhelming discrimination when accessing adequate health care, legal services and housing.


Founded in September 2013, Trans*H4CK has become the hub for transgender visibility in tech and entrepreneurship. Our hackathon and speaker series has traveled the country fostering visibility for trans* technologists.

As a mini-incubator, we’ve launched dozens of new applications used across the globe; had over 600 hundred transgender developers, designers, and aspiring coders attend our hackathons; help secure tech employment for 50 attendees and helped to birth several startups and social enterprises: (Some of which are: Trans*Code (UK); TransTech SE (US); RadRemedy (US)).

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Current Status: On-Hold

A Fiscally Sponsored Non-Profit Innovation Project; Virtual Education Center

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Current Status: Sunset

On-demand education designed & delivered by and for creators of color.

Courses on entrepreneurship, creative technology and personal development.

Launch Date: July 2014


The number of individuals from underrepresented groups who have advanced or professional degrees continues to see substantial year over year increases. Unfortunately there is a disconnect between this growing population and the number of Underrepresented Founders running businesses that generate wealth. In fact, only 5% of degree holding African Americans are entrepreneurs compared to twice that of other groups. Even within that percentage, net worth earnings are six times less than the national average of $440k.

At the same time, technology has transformed the way we learn as a society. Online education including MOOCs and virtual interactive courses have shattered the constraints of traditional classroom settings. Global Industry Analysts predicts that this year, online education will become a 100 billion dollar industry that even traditional institutions and corporations have adopted into their learning environments. We’ve also seen an incredible demand for alternative, accelerated learning models for entrepreneurs as only 30% of traditional higher ed institutions currently offer entrepreneurship courses.

Unfortunately, while this growing landscape of education innovation has been transformational for many -- these spaces are not designed by or for a diverse group of learners -- creating an opportunity to serve a huge market that is largely ignored by the edtech industry.


BlackStarLAUNCH is an edtech and virtual conference platform for creative entrepreneurs. Our flagship conference series focuses specifically on learners who are from non-traditional paths or under represented groups.

The BlackStarLAUNCH platform, a virtual conference center is a SaaS based solution that allows individuals and organizations the ability to offer their own virtual conference on a simple and beautiful web based solution - monetizing their expertise and content and reaching audiences around the globe. Our technology is also designed with a focus on accessibility for learners with disabilities.

A snapshot of archived assets from the BlackStarLAUNCH learning platform and community can be found here.