Welcome to Retail Operations

Shape Zalando’s retail business at its core.

Ever wondered how Zalando can offer hundreds of thousands of products from T-shirts to cocktail dresses and from boots to sneakers to our customers? How do we manage our relationships with 2000+ suppliers to make sure our customers can always find the products they are looking for? Well, this is what we do.

Welcome to Retail Operations!

About us

Our systems are used to process EUR 2bn+ worth of merchandise, manage the underlying article master data and ensure our supply chain keeps running smoothly. This is a high-impact department with the opportunity to change our core business processes and set new industry standards.

At Retail Operations, we provide the technological backbone that drives our core retail business on the supplier-facing side. We build state-of-the art B2B & enterprise systems that connect Zalando seamlessly with our suppliers - from onboarding product catalogues to creating the best online multimedia content, and from aligning purchase quantities to scheduling deliveries into our warehouses.

To our 2000+ suppliers, we offer easy ways to integrate and collaborate with Zalando - through our supplier portal, standard EDI and web-based REST APIs. To our 1000+ internal users we offer highly automated processes that allow them to focus on everything machines cannot do on their own. To do this, we build state-of-the systems using a variety of technologies, such as HTML/JS, Java, Scala, Kotlin and Python - all as cloud-based microservices.