One to One Work

Young Mother's Outreach

We are part of the NHS Teenage Pregnancy Strategy in Gateshead which means that every young woman who is 19 years old and under, and is pregnant, is referred to the Project's Young Mother's Outreach Worker by their midwife. We directly contact each young woman and visit them at a time and place that is suitable for them. The primary aim of this role is to offer whatever support we can which could be a space in one of our groups, advocacy, offering guidance, information and signposting to other agencies for more specialised support.

Freedom Programme

Young women and girls between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence, almost triple the national average. To address this, we have staff who are qualified to deliver the Freedom Programme on site at Gladstone Terrace and also as an outreach service with partner agencies. The programme consists of 12 weekly sessions that are designed to give information, rather than advice or therapy, to young women who are survivors of domestic abuse. The aim is to help women understand and make sense of everything that has happened, and to make them aware of the danger signs. The sessions examine the how beliefs and attitudes of abusive men impact not only on their actions, but also on our responses to them. The programme looks in detail at how children and young people are affected by being exposed to this kind of abuse and at how much their lives are improved when the abuse is no longer there which is particularly important for the young women in our groups.

Child Sexual Exploitation

We provide sessions on a one to one basis that provide support, information and guidance on issues relations to Child Sexual Exploitation. These sessions usually last for about one hour a week and are at a time and place that suit the young woman best. We work on issues and topics that are important to each individual and aim to be flexible and responsive to what is going on at that point in the young woman’s life. All sessions are informal and nurturing, giving each young woman a safe place to talk and explore her experiences. Sessions include internet safety, positive relationships, the Grooming Line, positive self-esteem, sexual health, confidence building, pregnancy, family breakdown, and sending and/or receiving sexualised images. We also provide advice and information to parents and guardians where appropriate.


We offer an ‘in-house’ counselling service to young women and are able to support them with a variety of issues and help them to explore how they are feeling, in making decisions about what to do next, and in talking to social workers about problems they need support with. Young women have told us that they access counselling at the Project because they feel safe, they feel accepted and not judged, and they know who they will see.

Our counsellor also delivers mental health sessions to our groups and has delivered sessions on mental health, post-natal depression and will address any other issues or topics that the young women ask for. The sessions are engaging and encourage young women to share their stories and experiences and look at what they already do, and how they might cope more effectively in the future. These sessions ensure a positive relationship between our counsellor and our groups and give young women a time and place to ask questions and explore topics that are often stigmatised and hidden.