Group Work

A large part of our service provision is group work. Each group is guided and shaped by the young women who are part of them. The programmes are based on the needs, interests and issues of the young women who are part of the group, and a strong emphasis is placed on the group members planning, designing and evaluating their programmes. This makes sure that young women have real ownership of their groups, they are valued, respected and have the opportunity to learn new skills that meet their goals, realise their own dreams and aspirations for the future.

To support young mothers access our groups, we have on-site childcare provided by The Creche Mobile Project, as young mothers tell us they want their babies near to them. Creche places are paid for through the government funded Care to Learn scheme and we provide administrative support to get places and finances set up.

Group Work sessions include:

Positive Body Image, Self Esteem, Confidence Building, Healthy Relationships, Independent Living Skills, Cooking, Crafts, Parenting Skills, Family Nurturing, Residentials, Rights and Responsibilities, Bullying, Team Building, Social Media, Internet Safety, CSE, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Health, Drugs and Alcohol, Friendships