Quotes and Testimonials

The following are quotes from Young Women who have attended the Project

‘The support from friends and workers’

‘Getting out and making new friends’

‘Having fun and sharing laughter’

‘Being proud of my achievements and gaining new qualifications’

‘Gaining confidence and self esteem’

‘Knowing that you are in a place where you are not being judged’

‘Knowing that I was not the only young mum’

‘Being part of a group, learning and trying new things’

‘Gaining the confidence to work out who I am and learning about myself’

‘That I can trust’

‘Time for myself'

‘Feeling valued and normal’

‘Feeling safe’

‘Being with other people who are going through similar experiences to myself’

‘Gaining the confidence and self-esteem to get up and talk in front of people’

'Being a mother can be lonely but coming here we have gained new friendships and we can talk to anyone about our problems'

'We have gained confidence & Self esteem, coming to the project gets you out of the house and gives us the opportunity to try new things'

'We are really grateful for that the workers have done for us. And they have turned us from being shy, lost, dependant new mums to strong happy independent mothers. Who are now very good friends. We have gained lots since the start, learnt how to cook, First Aid & food safety certificates and we couldn’t of done it without coming to the young women's project'

'Thank you for all the support, the laughter and being there through the tears. We will most definitely miss you'

'To the Young Womens Project, I just want to say a big Thank you for everything that you have done for me. I appreciate everything and have really enjoyed my time here. You have supported me through thick and thin and i wouldn’t be where i am today if it wasn’t for the help and support you gave me. I have got qualifications and done loads of different things, such as fishing and thats something I wouldn’t of ever done but I loved it and thats all down to the young womens project'