Cambridge 3v3 Tournament 13.05.18

Six members from the University of York Floorball Club made the trip down to St. Ives, Cambridge for a 3v3 tournament hosted by Cambridge Floorball. The team would play 5 matches in the University division, against UCL, Warwick, Nottingham and Oxford, plus one other depending on where they finished in the table. Each game was 10 minutes long and each team had three outfield players on the field at one time, with a goalkeeper. The team for York was: Alan Pedrassoli-Chitayat, Daniel Kozirev, Sergej Popov, Piotrek Przyborowski, Josh Westwood and Owen Dearman.

On the journey down to Cambridge, the team was stuck in traffic, ironically, 6 minutes from the destination, however it meant that they had to forfeit their first match of the day against UCL, which was scheduled for 12:00. Having left York at 07:30, the Vikings arrived at the venue at exactly 12:02. This meant that they had, unfortunately, missed the start of their first match, resulting in an automatic 5-0 loss.

They picked themselves up, however, for their second match of the day, against Warwick University at 12:45. This was a hard-fought match with few attacking chances but great defending from both sides for the majority of the 10-minute match. Przyborowski hit the post in what would turn out to be York’s best chance in the match. Warwick scored two late goals to win the match 2-0 although this was not reflective of the performance put in by the Vikings.

The next match for the Vikings was against University of Nottingham Floorball, a team they had played many times throughout the year and were on an unbeaten run. The game began at 13:30 and York quickly went 1-0 up with a strike from Przyborowski. Nottingham soon equalised with a strike from afar as York stopped playing due to the referee’s whistle (which turned out to be from the match happening next door). Przyborowski struck again to bring the match back in York’s favour and secure himself as the top scorer in the club with 9 goals in 11 games. Nottingham equalised again in the latter stages of the game to bring the score to 2-2. The game looked set to end two apiece until, in the dying moments, Popov of York fired in a shot to win the match 3-2 to York. The unbeaten run continued.

Oxford were the next opponents for York at 14:15. Having not played Oxford before, the Vikings were not quite sure what to expect. As it turned out, Oxford were a fast paced and attacking team, who fired in some quick goals in the early stages of the match. Despite some strong defensive and link up play from the Vikings, the match ended 7-0 in Oxford’s favour. This result meant that with 1 win and 3 losses, York were 4th in the University table. In their fifth and final match, they were to play Nottingham again.

The match kicked off at 16:15, with both teams looking for a victory: York to maintain their unbeaten run, and Nottingham to beat one of their closest rivals for the first time this year. The match was almost a complete opposite to the previous one; it was defensive and closely fought display from both sides. The first goal of the match came from Pedrassoli-Chitayat, poking in from close range to give York the lead. The intensity ramped up and both teams went searching for the second goal. It came towards the end of the match as Pedrassoli-Chitayat fired in what everyone agreed was a contender for goal of the season, winning the match 2-0 for York. As is customary after matches, the York players voted on their Most Valued Player and Alan Pedrassoli-Chitayat was voted as MVP of the tournament.

The tournament was the first time that most of the York players had participated in 3v3 matches and all walked away with their heads held high, having shown exactly what the University of York Floorball Club is capable of.